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About Us

Who are We

We are idea which began with sharing our experiences and insights from our travel around the world with our fellow travelers, we soon became enterprising and decided to become a part of your travel life.

We are not a travel company but explorers, who want to travel with you, share your moments and be a part of your memories and collections from tours around the world. The journey will be slow and fun filled and we will continue to make efforts to get you involved as much as we can.


How will we do it


Penning a travelogue immortalizes the thoughts of a journey. We want to evolve into a community of like minded explorers willing to share their experiences, while encouraging others and assiting them in their plans.

An option to upload travelogues will be provided to all and we shall ensure readership, recognition and revenue.


Every journey brings with it several collectibles and inspirations. You may be able to find some and yearn for others.  We do not promise to bring everything you missed, however we will still try and get the most of it for you from around the world for you to shop and add to your travel collectibles


Some excel in planning whereas others just love to enjoy. Our travelogues are for the planners yet for those averse to arranging, we need to make it simpler for you. We will provide a team of travel specialists to assit you in your travel plans. You just sit at home and do your packing and we will take care of the rest.


Selfie Tales was born with an idea of making travel fun, easy and inclusive and we will strive to make it a community of like-minded travelers. This portal does not belong to anyone but everyone.