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Smoking is prohibited on public transport and in all indoor workplaces and public places. Smoking is restricted in some outdoor areas where cultural, artistic, sports or entertainment activities are held.

Turkey has strict laws against the use, possession or trafficking of illegal drugs. If you are convicted of any of these offences, you can expect to receive a heavy fine or a prison sentence of 4 to 24 years. The possession, sale and export of antiquities is against the law.

Dress modestly if you’re visiting a mosque or a religious shrine.

It is illegal not to carry some form of photographic ID in Turkey. Make sure you carry your passport and a printed copy of your e-visa or your residence permit with you at all times.

Don’t take photographs near military or official installations. Ask for permission before photographing people.

Homosexuality is legal in Turkey. However, many parts of Turkey are socially conservative and public displays of affection may lead to unwelcome attention.

It is an offence to insult the Turkish nation or the national flag, or to deface or tear up currency.


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