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Low Cost and Budget Airlines across Europe

Low Cost and Budget Airlines across Europe

In my previous blog titled Basics for Dirt Cheap Travel to Europe, I recommended flying with low cost and budget airlines across Europe, as they are a much better priced option compared to rail or road for long distances.

Friends reading my blog suggested that many popular travel portals do not offer these airlines because of which they end up booking more expensive flights.

Even I recalled a similar experience, when I had to travel from Nice to Bruges and was unable to find direct connections. Alternate methods were either expensive or time consuming. The plan to visit the alluring canals of Bruges seemed to be almost dropped until I stumbled upon an airline ‘Tui Fly’ having a direct flight from Nice to Oestund (a small town 30 kms from Bruges). The price of Eur 40, was less than half of what I was expecting to pay.

Suggestions and previous encounters prompted me to make a list of low cost airlines serving Europe so that it comes in handy when options seem limited. You can also bookmark this page for future reference. Most airlines in the list are no frills and additional sum needs to be paid for taking luggage, meal on board, preferred seat and even for payment using credit cards.




Major European Areas or Cities Covered

Aer LingusDublinUnited Kingdom, West Europe
Air BalticRiga, TallinnBaltic, Scandinavia, East Europe
Air BerlinBerlin, DusseldorfCentralEurope, South Europe
Air CorsicaAjaccioFrance
Air EuropaMadrid, MajorcaNorth Europe, West Europe, Balearic Islands
Air GreenlandKangerlussuaqGreenland, Copenhagen, Reykjavik
Air Iceland ConnectReykjavikGreenland, Faroe Islands, Iceland, Belfast, Aberdeen
Air MaltaMaltaGermany, Italy, UK, France, Switzerland
Air NostrumValenciaProtugal, Spain, France, Italy, Londres, Frankfurt
Binter CanariasTeldeCanary Islands, Madeira
Blue1HelsinkiScandinavia, Central Europe, Germany, Italy
Blue AirRomaniaRomania, Greece, Western Europe
Brussels AirlinesBrusselsScandinavia, West Europe, Greece
City JetLondon, AmsterdamAntwerp, South France, Dublin, Florence
CondorFrankfurtUK, West Europe, South Europe, Scandinavia
Easy JetLondon, Milan, BristolUnited Kingdom, West Europe, South Europe
Ethiad RegionalGenevaItaly, Germany, Biarritz, Ibiza, Belgrade
Euro WingsCologneSouth East Europe, UK, Austria, France, Germany, Italy
FlybeManchester, ExeterFrance, Germany, Croatia, Italy, Spain, Netherland
Fly TapLisbonSpain, France, Germany, Italy, Scandinavia
GermaniaFrankfurtGermany, Greece, Italy, Spain
Helvetic AirlinesZurichSwitzerland, Bordeaux, Shannon, Olbia, Palma
Iberia ExpressMadridFrance, Portugal, UK, Germany, Scandinavia
Hop (Societe Hop)Lyon, ParisFrance, West Europe, Ibiza, Prague, Venice
Iceland AirReykjavikUK, Scandinavia, Switzerland, Germany
Jet2LeedsSouth Europe, Central Europe, UK, France
Mistral AirRome, NapoliItaly, France, Greece, Balearic
MeridianaMilanItaly, Greece, France, Madrid, London, Chisinau
Monarch AirlinesBirminghamUnited Kingdom, France, South Europe, Austria
Neos AirMilanItaly, Greece, Baleares, Canary Islands
NextjetMariehamnNorway, Finland
NikiViennaSpain, Portugal, Germany, South Europe,UK
NordicaTallinnCroatia, Germany, Benelux, Ukraine, Scandinavia
Norwegian Air ShuttleOslo, GatwickScandinavia, Spain, East Europe, UK
Olympic AirAthensGreek Islands
Ryan AirDublin, LondonWest Europe, Scandinavia, Baltic, South Europe
Smart WingsPragueEast Europe, South Europe, West Europe
Thomson AirwaysMachester, GatwickGreece, Italy, Spain, Croatia, UK, South France
TransaviaHaarlemSouth Europe, Central Europe, France
Tui FlyHannoverGermany, Spain, Italy, Austria, UK, East Europe
Tui Fly – BelgiumBrusselsSouth East Europe, Italy, Spain, France
Twin JetParisFrance, Germany, Milan
VoloteaBarcelonaGreece, Italy, Spain, France, Croatia
VuelingBarcelona, RomeWest Europe, UK, South Europe, Croatia
WideroeOslo, Tromso, BodoNorway
Wizz AirBudapestWest Europe, South Europe, East Europe, Scandinavia
Wow AirReykjavikIceland, UK, West Europe, Ireland
XL AirwaysParisFrance


  • We have tried to make the list exhaustive based on our research. Several other airlines were excluded as they either do not provide regular scheduled services nor are budget carriers.
  • State Flag carriers have been avoided as they are usually full service flights and are expensive


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